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At Karan Trades, we work towards sourcing only the best of products and materials and supplying it to a global audience. We have earned a reputation as a trusted and reliable business partner committed to bringing our customers the highest quality products at competitive prices and Fast delivery. Be it high-quality handpicked agricultural produce or Any other Product which you require, our constant emphasis on quality is what sets us apart & has made us a globally trusted exporter.

Since its inception, Karan Trades has focused on niche businesses, undertaking those which demand a consistently high standard of professionalism in the area of sourcing, reliable logistical back-up, responsiveness and attention to details. It is little wonder that over the years the company has established an impressive range of quality products sourced from around the country from the best in class producers as well as won accolades globally.

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Finest Quality

Finest Produce Handpicked with Strict Quality Checks and Sourced from the Best Mills Around the Country.

Up to Date

Most upto date Pricing and Very Competitive!

Ready to Ship

Once the Order is Placed and we have received a Purchase Order, we shall Ship Immediately or within a Few days at Max.


You could arrange your own transport and pick it up from our Warehouse or we can deliver it to you at your preferred location.


Agricultural Produce

We Supply Most Agricultural Produce Products subject to Season and Availability.

All Varities of

Rice, Wheat, Millets, Coffee, Pepper, Fruits, Vegetables etc.

Any Other Product

If you have any other product on your mind, just let us know and we'll try our best to source it for you at the best price.

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